Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Privacy for sale!

Facebook, twitter, and the other ones have successfully publicized the largest and most successful Intelligence Collection System in the world. Each of us now willingly contribute without compensation to an intelligence database that can be used for causes that you may or may not agree with. In exchange for your services of building a web of demographic and socioeconomic information about yourself ...and others around you, you get to use free services of exchanging pictures and keeping in touch; The smartest bargain the since the Louisiana purchase. But we don't sell our land or our freedom, just our rights to privacy.
Remember when water was from the tap and we used to joke about how someday, what if water was for sale by private companies? And we decided that was ridiculous because who would ever bottle up something that is free and sell it for a price? Well, after law school, I might begin selling "privacy" to those who can afford it. I might even do a lil pro bono work.

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